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This is the official website of Dion Todd, writer and pastor of Refreshing Hope Ministries. My goal is to bring hope into a world darkened by religion, poverty, cynicism and just a general lack of faith. I feel that we have lost much of the power that Jesus gave His disciples and replaced it with legalism and excuses. But I believe that the desperate who are willing to pay the price will still see God move today. There have always been those that walked under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

My writing can be very timely and usually comes out of prayer or praise and worship. It is not head knowledge, but inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Many people find that the words address what they are dealing with on that day and are often prophetic. A word given under the anointing of the Holy Spirit is timeless. That is why scripture is always relevant, it is the inspired word of God.

After prayer, I write a Christian devotional for each day that I post on my blog at Refreshing Hope Ministries and send via email. The Daily Word of Hope devotional is now read in over 150 countries and has grown to over 100,000 subscribers.

I have also authored several books that you can purchase, or read here online for free. You can sign up for our free devotional here and receive it each day. Here are a few comments from our readers:

As I sit here in tears…yet again…after reading another of your devotions, I can’t help but to thank and praise God. Your work is powerful, meaningful, and special. It is also always very anointed and very timely. I’ve even found myself up at 3:15 a.m salivating as I wait for the devotional to hit my inbox. Yup, I’ve got it bad!”

– “Many times I’ve prayed to God to help me, then I have opened Pastor Dion’s daily encouraging word, and there was my answer…….I believe that God has worked thru Pastor Dion to reach thousands of people.”

– “I’ve read a lot of devotionals over the years, and these are by far the best I’ve ever read. And I mean that! I used to work for a publishing company, so I mean that wholeheartedly. The devotionals are incredible, always right on time, practical, easy to understand, full of real life examples, never judgmental, full of compassion, and straight from the heart and mouth of God.”

– “I find your meditations/reflections on the Word so inspiring, real and down to earth. Living one’s faith and sharing how God is working is so very powerful! We need to hear how God is working right here and now today along with the long ago. Your writing is evidence of that.”

– “There is something about your writings that fit my needs almost every day, and it’s like a connection. I’ve enjoyed others, but yours have real meaning to me. Just want you to know how I look forward to them each day.”

– “I cant begin to tell you how often these speak directly to my life and situations. Thank you very much.”

– “The emails you send me tell me that you are God sent. I always wonder, how come you address my thoughts with every email?”

– “Dear Pastor Dion, This is yet another example of God speaking to me through you. He led me to your website all those months ago, and has used it to speak directly to me.”

– “You have no idea how I need your words each morning! It’s like you know my life! Thank you for giving me the help and encouragement I need at this difficult time. Lifts me up. I always feel better.”

– “This was deep and so incredibly truthful. Wow! How are your stories always so dead on?”

– “I start my morning with your lesson and never once has it been something that doesn’t relate to me. In some way, everyday I have some lesson to learn from Jesus through your words. What an amazing gift you have, combined with the courage to speak the truth and knowing how to capture and keep my attention (which can be extremely hard) your love and knowledge of the truths of the Bible increase my motivation and have spurred me to speak to so many about Jesus.”

– “I do not know nor I remember now how did I get to your Ministry, but I did. And then you start talking straight to me straight to the heart. Not always did I like the Message,(because it show me real me and my shortcomings I need to work on), but I sure enjoy the helpful truth of it.”

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